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This is really more of a workbook, than just simply a book, so every chapter has little assignements that you do at the end, before you move on to the next chapter.

The assignments that I did seemed very insightful, and I still refer back to my discoveries when I go out on dates, and I talk ab I liked this book, and I got a lot out of the first half or so.

This is the first of several blog articles I will be writing on the topic of conscious dating, as Conscious Dating Coaching is one of my specialties!

(3) Chemistry, because if you aren’t mindful of how driven you are by pheromones, you could end up forgoing your beautiful relationship vision of finding your companion mate.

For those of you who are trying to be in alignment with your soul mission, and therefore want more of a spiritual partnership and for individuals of a certain age in particular (having your mid-life awakening anyone?

), you must set your intentions clearly and avoid this potential reptile brain detour.

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Yet much of the information that you come across on Google searches, and even from successful dating coach authors, therapists is subjective.

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