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The history of the Valley begins with the Buddhist saint Manjushree who slashed a passage through the surrounding hills to drain out the primordial waters and make it inhabitable. Its deeply religious Newar inhabitants built fabulous cities and artistic temples that attracted devout pilgrims as well as rampaging invaders.

However, a new generation is surpassing this segment and will be garnering as much attention: The Millennials. Generation Next.” These are just a few of the names attributed to the generation born between 19.Keep on walking and you come to Kel Tole after passing shops overflowing with brass utensils.Further on is the junction of Indrachowk with the temple of Akash Bhairav occupying one side.A recently-released mobile version of Adam4Adam now exists.Quick and easy to use, it offers most of the same features as the online version, just on your cell phone instead.

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This age group is beginning to outpace the Baby Boomer’s 76 million population with their own 79 million, and is projected to attain an even larger population gap at 78 million compared to the Boomers’ 58 million by 2030. Many businesses argue that the younger end of the Millennials may still depend financially on their parents, but the older end of this spectrum is already experiencing their peak spending years.

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