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“He taught her how to see people for who they are, not what they are.

She was always very clinical, so he opened up her life force.

I think that people, the audience, will hopefully respect her and her strong character and her strong will and her motivation and drive to work and find facts in her job.

She’s not just there to be ‘the cute girlfriend’,” Katheryn elaborated. And I hope that the audience will give Hannah a shot and fall in love with her because I’ve fallen in love with Hannah.” Katheryn said that although most of her scenes are with David Boreanaz, Emily Deschanel is part of the scenes often as well as the show allows the two women to bond.

Bones fans, you’re going to have a hard time hating on Katheryn Winnick when she joins the show as Hannah Burley, Booth’s new love interest.

In a conference call with reporters, Katheryn talked about how much she likes her character (and hopes you will, too), and her enthusiasm was infectious.

At the conclusion of Season 9, the team took down the Ghost Killer serial killer, only to find that she was just a small cog in a much larger conspiracy involving high-ranking government officials and people within the FBI.

By 2005, she began receiving wider attention and tasting worldwide stardom with her starring role as Dr.“There was something so slow and honest about their evolution as individuals and as a couple. While there was always this curse hanging over our heads," he says, referring to the Bruce Willis-Cybill Shepherd series that flamed out once the couple became a romantic couple, but "at a certain point, the tension was dishonest.They needed to be together.”Boreanaz and Deschanel agree.“Booth taught her compassion and love for others, that you have to take your time and not blurt things out,” Boreanaz explains.He's suffering from PTSD because of being there, as well being tortured and what not in the military and Army Rangers. We're dealing with a lot when we come back for this season. How he decides to take things into his own hands, and how Bones deals with that -- and kind of gets him back. In the past we've really focused on the squints, and I think it's a great opportunity to dive into some of the FBI people, and maybe start that rotation of looking at some FBI people that literally work with Booth Way in and out of good conditions and what not. Emily Deschanel: He is originally sent to watch out for Booth, becaue the FBI is not trusting Booth now either. Aubrey is sent to spy on Booth, essentially, and we'll see if Booth can trust him at some point. He's interesting fresh blood to have on the show.: I agree with Kathy.has pulled it off, and now the show has earned the right to go out on its own terms, starting with Tuesday's final-season opener (9 ET/PT).“The Hope in the Horror” also marks the first directorial effort by co-star Emily Deschanel, who plays forensic anthropologist Dr. Luckily, she could draw on the experience of her onscreen partner, David Boreanaz, who has helmed nearly a dozen episodes of the series.

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