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Our aim is to allow newer client versions to connect to older server versions. We suggest reading our Installation page on our docs first, this will ensure everything is setup correctly. Or just install it on Bungee Cord, and it'll do the rest (though some features may not work). We don't plan on supporting it due to the work involved.

I am doing the following to try and create the channel. So I've implemented Send Bird in my website (I'm using the javascript version 3.0, the sendbird widget) and like it says in the file, users have to log in every time the browser (the page) is ...

In order to have access to the Web Socket wire, we implement Service Web Socket with our parameterized type Message.

Message is our own defined class of what we expect to be coming across the Web Socket wire.

We aim to allow compatibility, we don't intend to add new items, blocks.

(As it'd be unfair to older clients) Are you open source?

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First, try with no plugins, if it still persists report it to us.

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