Justification for updating clearquest feature level

For example, few projects prefer ‘Quality Center’ for managing the project’s data whereas few others prefer Rational Clear Quest tool.

Rational Clear Quest is a defect management and workflow automation software from IBM Rational software division.

However, CAU includes a second plug-in that you can select to apply hotfix updates.

This hotfix plug-in can also be customized to apply non-Microsoft driver, firmware, and BIOS updates. If the cumulative updates are general distribution release updates or LDR updates, CAU can apply them. CAU supports the following updating modes, both of which allow updates to be scheduled: Self-updating Enables the cluster to update itself according to a defined profile and a regular schedule, such as during a monthly maintenance window.

The default for all interfaces is to create an attribute type local to the current VOB.

The package was successfully tested with all clients, using access and MS SQL Server backend databases and all feature levels.

Schema – Structure for a database which helps model or organize the data, processes etc., of a project.

The schema includes the structure of data, record type definitions, states of a record, actions to modify the state of a record, forms to submit a record etc.

If you install package in the new schema repository, it will appear in the package list after completing steps above. (Even if you cannot see the package in the list, you can still use packageutil in command line to apply packages) It is not a critical issue, because you need to install packages and perform these steps on machines where you develop your Clear Quest schema only.

There is no need to install package on the clients.

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