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Only because I already knew; she was never really in the closet.”(Dara Nai)Runner Up: “Kelly Mc Gillis.

A ‘duh’ is deserved, but I respect her immensely for finally speaking about it publicly.” (Trish Bendix)Jane Lynch The Linster: “Jane was everywhere, bright, funny and a little bit butch.

Huomautus-sarakkeeseen on merkitty, jos henkilö on kertonut tai hänen on kerrottu olevansa nimenomaan homo- tai biseksuaali.

Muissa tapauksessa henkilö on kertonut tai hänen on kerrottu olevan tai olleen parisuhteessa samaa sukupuolta olevan kanssa tai hän on ilmaissut sukupuolisen kiinnostuksensa samaa sukupuolta oleviin.

Rather than simply choosing the most popular athlete in each sport, they have done their research in selecting the from each.

Both Hammerseng and Nyberg are members of the Danish handball club FC Midtjylland Håndboldm, and though they had to sit out 2009’s World Championship due to injuries, they still captured our hearts.

(SIDE2): Endelig viser paret sine kjærlighetsfølelser i offentligheten.

Mer fra Side2.no: Besøk forsiden Etter kampen mot Slovenia onsdag kveld gikk Gro Hammerseng rett bort til sin Anja Edin for å gi kjæresten en lang og varm klem.

Norway's Gro Hammerseng captains the women's handball world silver medallists at her first Olympic Games.

She has led Norway to two consecutive victories in the European Women's Handball Championship in 20, and is one the stars of a sport hugely popular in continental Europe.

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