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Possessing the ability to shapeshift into a Werepanther, Lindsay was a former love interest of Jason Stackhouse.With Jody and Marlena gone on Big Brother 19, all of the house's obvious targets have been evicted.By Dave Mc Nary The newly minted AKA/Bow Street Films has completed a yet-to-be titled documentary about former New York City detective Michael Borrelli, jailed for murder in the 1970s and found innocent after four…By Rob Nelson Practically parodying a slumming B-lister's phone-it-in, cash-the-check indie perf, Dermot Mulroney is good for a giggle -- just one -- in "The Rambler," writer-director Calvin Lee Reeder's randomly…“I just felt bad for the fans, they had been promoting the show for weeks.”When the station removed her name from the concert’s poster with no explanation given, it was important to Ell that fans hear the truth from her.“I stand firmly on the fact that I show up,” said Ell.Her new single "Waiting on You" is being promoted at radio now. At the end of the day, my heart wants artists to be able to make music that is evaluated on its own merit and that’s it."Ell and Bones anticipated such professional stumbling blocks in their personal relationship.

Johnathan is a nine-year-old boy who loves sea monsters, and his 300 lb. Unlike most kids, Johnathan has nystagmus, which makes his eyes "flutter." He also suffers from severe narrow angle glaucoma; an acute condition that if untreated can lead to permanent blindness.

I found on a few occasions a "weird for weird's sake" ethos creeping into the film without having any underlying concept or logic the way David Lynch would demand of himself.

So some of the dreams, repetitions and odd segues start to seem like padding than something that was well thought out.

Ell had just dined with employees from the station.

Ell tweeted the news to fans Friday, saying: “Had a scheduled performance in Sacramento today for listeners.

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