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Thus far, we have confirmed three houses and three pit complexes revealed in the remote sensing imagery by excavation in both the eastern and western areas of the site.Several more anomalies similar to those already excavated are evident as cardinally-oriented squares of decreased resistance corresponding to areas of increased conductivity.Cooking classes are also innovative in nature, as they will not only teach you how to prepare a menu of dishes, they will also cover presentation and garnishing, which enhance prepared dishes and lend confidence in the overall culinary experience.

By attending cooking classes, you will be interacting with other individuals as well as professionals in the culinary industry.Faces and other designs were sometimes molded into the clay of Native American pottery.Decorations and symbols could also be added with paint, which was made by boiling plants or grinding rocks.Furthermore, these house features appear to be arranged in discrete neighborhoods, offering a prospect for addressing questions concerning site structure and community organization through time.These results indicate that 3YE25 is an extraordinary site, presenting an unparalleled opportunity to investigate the role of art, ritual, and social interaction among Carden Bottoms phase people.

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Precontact Era Keywords Oklahoma precontact prehistory European invasion exploration nomadic bison mammoth hunters Burnham Site Clovis Folsom Cooperton bison kill Calf Antelope Creek Altithermal Fourche Maline Wister Woodland Agricultural Villagers hunting trade Spiro Mounds Wichita Pawnee Redbed Plains Coalesced Villagers Most Oklahomans identify with the Five Civilized Tribes, the Cheyenne, the Comanche, and other contemporary Native people of the state.

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