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We all struggle with the complexities of dating, yearn for the feeling of being loved and suffer when our hearts break. Frankie Bashan, licensed psychologist as she gets to the heart of your relationship issues, whether they relate to sexuality, intimacy or dating.Using her 10 years as a matchmaker, therapist and dating coach, Dr.Tracy & Erica Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Tracy Buchholz, 30, Public Relations and Marketing/ Consultant/Columnist Erica Foltz, 29, Substance Abuse Counselor, Case Manager and Activist Erica and Tracy saw each other around but didn’t formally meet until mutual friends introduced them one night in Philly.Tracy was impressed with Erica’s storytelling abilities and attracted by her smile and laugh. So after a few drinks, I gave her my number, which is not something I normally do!However, she also has to contend with the fact that the love of her life is already married to her college boyfriend.

Maybelle would probably have a hard time fitting in as it is, given that she’s a gay woman in the rural Virginia.Erica is heavily involved in the LGBTQ community; she plays softball in the LGBT city league, is active with ACT-UP Philadelphia, and volunteers for Project SAFE, a grassroots organization that does street outreach to female sex workers.Tracy hosts LGBTQ events in and outside of Philadelphia.Often excluded because of their look, Frankie and Rachel were advised they “should look more gay,” if they wanted to attract dates.Listen as Frankie and Rachel share their struggle with […] Dr.

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Even though LGBTI advocacy is incredibly important to the wellbeing of our community, and the work that is done by organizations like ACON, GLAD, GLAAD and Gender PAC is vital if LGBTQI rights are to be fought for, socially accepted, and legally sanctioned, sometimes it can just be, well, funny.

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